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The Discharge Process

Inside Our Surgery Center

You and your escort will receive verbal and written post-operative instructions that have been individualized for you by your surgeon.  It is important that you follow your instructions as directed for your post-operative eye drops.

A nurse will make 2 attempts to reach you after your surgery to answer any questions and review your discharge instructions if needed.

General Discharge Instructions

Notify your surgeon if you have any of the following at 630-833-9621:

  • Pain not relieved by pain medication.
  • Fever greater than 101 degrees.
  • Difficulty Breathing and/or persistent nausea or vomiting.
  • Abnormal bleeding, swelling or redness at the surgical site.

General Anesthesia/Sedation

You MUST have a responsible adult with you for the first 24 hours following administration of anesthesia. You should NOT:

  • Operate any vehicle or heavy machinery for 24 hours.
  • Drink any beer or alcoholic beverages.
  • Make any important decisions.
  • Do NOT take any sedatives, antihistamines or sleeping pills for 24 hours.
  • Nothing greasy, fatty, fried or spicy for your first meal.

Local Anesthesia

You may return to your normal routine as instructed by your surgeon.


  • If you are given a prescription for pain medication, take as directed.
  • If you are NOT given a prescription for pain medication, you may take Tylenol as the label directs or anything your surgeon instructs you to take over the counter.